Don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

I’ve spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices in the last month, dealing with my Health Thing. Today I had a final blood draw that should resolve the issue one way or the other in the next few weeks, at which point I’ll discuss it more freely. I am very excited of course, but my spirits have been slightly dampened by the fact that the phlebotomist had a very hard time with me. After several false starts, she went for a vein on the top of my left wrist. It worked, but was excruciatingly slow, and I think she was so glad to finally be done with me that she pulled the needle out without thinking about the location and nicked one of my nerves on the way out.

So here I am, reduced to hen pecking at the keys with my right hand, while my left arm rests in a bandage on my lap and aches from neck to fingertips. With any luck, I will be fine in a few days.

In the meantime, writing is a real challenge. I’ve always thought of writing as a mental activity, but it’s physical too. And I wish I’d used what I had when I had it.  So do me a favor, and don’t be a big old dummy like me. Close down Firefox or Safari, open your word processor, and use what you’ve got. Don’t worry so much about what to write, just do it for the pleasure of the thing. Because you can.