And then the PLC met Neil Gaiman

A couple of weeks ago, Neil Gaiman made a stop through Phoenix, AZ on his The Ocean at the End of the Lane book tour.

And the PLC was there to see him.

Dream. Come. True.

We had second row seats, right in front of the podium where he read selections from Ocean, as well as his forthcoming children’s book Fortunately the Milk. Listening to him read was surreal. Even as his voice transported me to the world he’d created, a second little voice inside my head was screaming, “It’s him! It’s really him! Right there, reading!”

And then… we got to meet him.

Here are some photos.

I think S. C.’s face says it all. We were in awe.

Neil was gracious and encouraging, and as generous with his time as he could be, given how many people were there to see him. I read later that the signing lasted until after midnight. He said he’d been signing around 2,000 books per day on the tour. Unbelievable.

He gave us some advice when we told him we were writers. He asked if we finish what we work on. “You have to finish,” he said, and just before we said goodbye to him, he encouraged us to keep writing, keep writing.

What an incredible experience. The best part, I think, was that we got to experience it together, the three of us.