500 Club (7/11)

Hello, and welcome to today’s 500 Club!

Before we get to today’s prompts, here’s a quick recap of the rules.

  1. Choose one of the prompts below.
  2. On your blog, write a 500-word story or scene based on the prompt.
  3. Post a teaser to your story in the comments below with a link to where we can read the rest.

Ready to write? Here are today’s prompts.

1. Begin a scene with the sentence, “If [NAME] every spoke to [NAME] again, it would be a miracle.”


2. Write a ticking bomb scene. It doesn’t need to be a literal ticking bomb, but some kind of countdown or deadline that will result in bad consequences if not met by your character(s). 

Happy writing. Remember, no pressure. This is for fun!