Changing Routines

One of the hardest things for me to do is to change up a personal routine. My whole world gets thrown into chaos at the mere prospect of pushing breakfast back fifteen minutes. A creature of habit barely covers it.

So why bring this flaw up? Because my routine is changing.

School is back in session, and the whole family sans myself is back in the swing of it. The months of quiet mornings are gone. That hour of early morning writing?


Getting up earlier is out of the question. I’m already up before any decent human being has a right to be. So coming to terms is a must. It’ll be another ten months before I can take advantage of them again.

Even my evening writing times have been encroached on. Although in time they will go back to somewhat normal. Ramping up the beginning of the school year brings on a lot of stress for the entire family. It would be incredibly selfish of me if I didn’t do everything I can to make the transition as easy as I could for them. Besides, it’s not forever.

So as to not focus on the negative, let’s look at some positive aspects of this. There are plenty of things to gain from changing up a routine. Routines can be the good intention that leads to ruts. Routine can lead to going through the motions which can lead to stagnation, and before you know it, that rut has hit you square in the chest, sitting there not letting you move on to that next great thing or idea.

That’s why I’m taking this opportunity to make something of it. The first step is not taking part in any pity parties, They’re terribly depressing and nobody else ever shows up for them.

Old WellThe next thing is to make sure that when the routineless chaos settles that I still get my time to write. More often than not, new routines emerge, not resume. So it’s important that I fight for my time while the chaos is still going on, otherwise I risk a new routine emerging that doesn’t include my precious writing time. And that would be unacceptable.

Another good thing to do while the routine is missing is take notes. No, seriously.

With everything all out of whack, I’m coming up with the craziest of ideas. Things I normally don’t think my brain would’ve come up with left to its routine-lazed grey matter. Sad to say, I lost a few of these new ideas simply because I had no way of getting them down on paper quick enough. Now I have a voice recorder app ready to queue up on my phone at second’s notice. I also keep my little black book handy when I can actually jot something down.

In essence, I’m taking this time as well-filling time, stocking up on all the ideas, characterizations, and plots. Many evil, evil plots (cue evil laughter and nefarious mustache twisting). Actually, my well is set to overflow soon. Time to get the pen and buckets bailing. This new routine better emerge soon.

Have you ever had to deal with a routine change? How did you manage it?