The Little Things

We all do our best not to sweat them, but we should also see what we can to do them.

With as much as I have going on in my non-writing life, getting to the laptop or notebook is a huge challenge these days. I’ve had to re-prioritize my time and goals. Turns out writing didn’t land very high, being out done by things like “feeding the family” and “paying the mortgage” with a good helping of “this needs to be fixed and/or maintained”.

Today's Session Target reset to zero. Yesterday's was much more impressive.

Today’s Session Target reset to zero. Yesterday’s was much more impressive.

I won’t lie. I sulked for quite a while. The land of Woe-Is-Me had a new ruler, and that ruler owned the woe like no other before. I can’t say I got over it. Got used to it would be more accurate.

Now I’m learning to celebrate the little things. This week’s little thing happened last night. I added another thousand words to the revision of my long-standing project (counting the years would be tacky… and depressing). That brought the total to just over TEN THOUSAND words. That puts me on track for a finished number between seventy to eighty thousand words once I’m all done. I’ll be ecstatic if I can break sixty, as my first draft only garnered forty-five.

I might not be one to stand by word counts as proof of goodness, but numbers are an easy thing to glom on to when setting goals. Like I said, it’s not a big thing.

It’s a little thing. And little by little…