Trust the Timing

This morning I was thinking about what might have happened if I’d started pursuing my dream of being an author earlier in life. I’d had the dream since I was a kid, but it wasn’t until about ten years ago that I finally faced my fears and went for it.

If I’d started earlier, in my twenties perhaps, I might be an established author by now. If I’d majored in writing in college, I might have had an easier time, learning about word choice, sentence structure, character development and tone from a professor rather than slogging through self-study.

Thinking that way got me down. But then I realized something important.

If I’d started earlier, I probably wouldn’t have met my cohorts here at the PLC. I probably wouldn’t have been mentored by the wonderful James Sallis. I probably wouldn’t have signed with my agent, who wouldn’t have sold my stories to my editor. And without the guidance of my editor, my books wouldn’t be anything close to what they are now.

The timing of all of these events has been nothing short of perfect. And that perfect timing plays itself out again and again.

I’m sharing this with you in case you’re feeling down about your own journey, that maybe it’s taking too long or you regret not starting sooner, or you’re just not where you wish you were.

Take heart. Trust the timing. Every day is leading you closer to your goal. When you get there, you’ll look back and see the timing was perfect for you, too.