500 Club (2/27)

Hello and welcome to today’s 500 Club!

Before we get to today’s prompts, here’s a quick recap of the rules.

  1. Choose one of the prompts below.
  2. On your blog, write a 500-word story or scene based on the prompt.
  3. Post a teaser to your story in the comments below with a link to where we can read the rest.

Ready to write? Here are today’s prompts.

1. Write a scene from the POV of a character who is completely different from everything  you are or believe or want to be. Keeping Steve Almond’s advice to “love your characters at all times”, try to be authentic, genuine and compassionate toward as you write the character. Walk a mile in his or her shoes. 


2. Take an existing scene you’ve been working on, and create a decision point that changes everything, letting go of any notions of where you thought the scene was going. Don’t force the decision, but let your characters be authentic. Then follow the action to discover the results and consequences of the character’s decision. 

Happy writing. Remember, no pressure. This is for fun!