Kicking Up Dust

*opens curtains, kicks up dust*

Hi there.


So…things got a bit…quiet…around here. The three of us have been going through a lot of different life things and all those combined life things got in the way of us meeting and blogging and keeping up with each other and with the blog.

Available December 9, 2014 from Knopf

Available December 9, 2014

I’ll let Stephen and Amy tell you what they’ve been up to, but as for me, I may have fallen behind in blogging, but I’ve still been hard at work writing. Since last fall, I finished up copy edits and first pass edits on Now That You’re Here, which is now in advanced reader copy format, and will be on sale December 9th of this year!

*wild cheering*

Now the second book, While You Were Gone, has taken front-and-center of my brain and energies, and I’m working on getting it finished and ready for publication in 2015.

It hasn’t been easy, mostly because of life things that keep cropping up and tripping me up and slowing me down. The longer I live the more I’m convinced life is about falling apart and building back up. I fell apart pretty hard earlier this month when I had to put my dog down, and now I’m slowly gathering myself back up and finding my momentum again.

Last night, the PLC met together for our second meeting since November (which is a crazy long time not to meet, right?!) and we hammered out some ideas and goals for what we want to be doing here, at our lovely blog home.

We have new things planned. Exciting things.

It’s time for us to clear the dust off this place and get things going again. We’re hoping to make it fresh and interesting. And we hope you’ll join us. And we hope you’ll forgive our dust.