What Makes a Moment Beautiful?

My current work-in-progress is a departure from what I usually write. In order to fully explore the story, I’ve had to ask my self this question a lot. What makes a moment beautiful, and how do I capture it on the page? How I do I recreate it with words, spinning them in a way that envelopes the reader in each scene, lingering in that moment and only leaving it with reluctance? There are countless ways a moment can feel this way, and I’m sure the possibilities expand with every person’s individual perceptions. But I’ve come to realize that, at least for me personally, there are a few common elements in a truly beautiful moment.

Before I tell you, though, I’d like to show you. Take a look at the video below.

This illustrates some of the things that, to me, create a beautiful moment. This is more than just a pretty song. Listen to how the voices echo in that otherwise pedestrian place. Watch how it affects everyone in the room. For a few brief minutes, that place and those people are frozen in time, floating in a moment of pure magic. There’s a sense of rarity to the occasion, as if it may never happen like this again.

We’re all so busy. Too often, we don’t stop to recognize these moments when they happen, and so they fade unnoticed. As writers, though, we should take the time to immerse ourselves in them. They fill us up, rejuvenate us, and if we’re paying attention, yield their secrets so that we can convey them to our readers. If we open ourselves to the possibilities, we can learn to create truly beautiful moments – moments that will stay with us and our readers long after the story is complete.