A Game of Links

Jaime and Cersei

Ever since *That Scene* aired, I’ve been hunting for good critical analysis of GoT, beyond the perfectly cromulent articles the bigger pop culture websites ran. In this search I came across a few different blogs and I’d like to share the goods with you guys:


First off, there’s Race for the Iron Throne, a blog dedicated to political and historical analysis of GoT/ASOIAF. It’s smart stuff, and should prove helpful to any fantasist who struggles with understanding or writing politics into their own work.


Do you “get” A Dance With Dragons? I did not. At all. Thankfully The Meereenese Blot is here to tackle it. Adam Feldman thoughtfully examines themes, symbolism, and subtext of Dance, illuminating the purpose of this misunderstood installment in the ASOIAF saga. I haven’t had a chance to read more than a few posts but I finally am able to appreciate some things that have perplexed me, such as the sudden heavy inclusion of House Martell (Disclosure: I still find what GRRM is doing with Martell to be redundant, but I can at least understand why the chapters are even there now). And for me, the added bonus to The Meereenese Blot is that it makes me think about my own writing, and how I can push myself to make it better.


Arya and the Hound


Finally, for the real motherload of critical essays, enroll yourself at ASOIAF University, a tumblr dedicated to collecting and linking to essays and analysis on all things GoT/ASOIAF.


And now for bonus linkage — the fun stuff!

Joffrey Bieber. A match made in hell.

Arrested Westeros. Because you’re gonna get some hop ons.

Hi I Am Watching Game of Thrones Now. Sublimely stupid.

Inn at the Crossroads For all your lemon cake recipe needs.