The dark voice

I’m making this confession quick because I’m on my own this week with my kids and free time is rarer than hen’s teeth. But this month, I confess I let myself be bamboozled by the dark voice.


The dark voice says you ruined it; except it was never any good to begin with. The dark voice says give up and start over. The dark voice says you’re a fool and you’re kidding yourself. The dark voice makes some creatives drink. It makes many others quit before they’ve begun.

I know the dark voice well; I’ve heard it many times. And I know it for what it is — resistance.  But even though I know it, it still can cast a spell on me that takes weeks to overthrow.

I’d like to think that someday I’ll be good enough to not suffer the dark voice. But I suspect I’ll be hearing it all my life.

Resist the resistance, my friends.