From My Perspective

The Flux Capacitor: source of many an adventure.

The Flux Capacitor: source of many an adventure.

This year seems to be in a state of constant flux. There are so many things changing around me, and some of which I willingly sought out.

And I’m digging every moment.

Let me step back a moment to explain a little about myself. I was born an extrovert trapped in an introvert’s body. I wear shy like Superman wears Kryptonite. Over time I’ve learned to overcome this, eventually graduating to public speaking without spasming into a blob of shakes and stutters. Given that, I still prefer a life of peace and quiet.

This year I decided to develop a new attitude. Something so simple.

I did my best to eliminate the word “no” from my vocabulary.  Well… mostly. I mean, come on. I have kids. That would be equivalent to giving them the keys to the kingdom. In any case, let me explain what I think happened.

My job has me working with some of the biggest downers I’ve ever met. It’s a rarity to have a happy thought come out of their mouths. And when you work for years with the same people, that kind of attitude can rub off. So what could I do to fix it? I know better than to try to change others. So to avoid what I perceived as a sinking ship, I decided to change myself.

If this next little bit gets too woo-woo, feel free to move on down.

Call it what you like: The Butterfly Effect, The Laws of Attraction, The Golden Rule, whatever. All I know is my attitude felt lighter. Over time, that is. Once I became comfortable with that lighter feeling, I got antsy. I wanted to do more. So I did. Things like a vacation weekend with the missus and friends, auditioning for a panel moderator spot with Phoenix Comicon, excepting a promotion at work.

And writing more.

All the things I’ve avoided for one reason or another, I tackled. My writing, though still time-restrained, comes much easier. Just the other night I finished revising a chapter while my little one periodically came in to swing on me. (Dads make great swing sets, so I’m told). It might have been inconvenient, but her joy was too contagious.

I guess what I’m saying is, it’s all about perspective. The time I get to write might not actually be more than it used to be, but it is far more productive and enjoyable.

But enough about me. How are things with you?