What I’m Reading: Urban Fantasy Much?

You’ve all heard me drone on enough about Jim Butcher’s series, The Dresden Files. So I won’t go into it. If you are interested, feel free to read one of my previous posts on it. The only thing I’ll add is that I’m ramping up for the May 27th release for the fifteenth book in the series, Skin Game, by reading the subsequent novels. Although this time I’m listening to them on audiobook.

Heart of StoneAs for my evening, run-down reading, I’m checking out a book called Heart of Stone by C. E. Murphy. I picked up the book from Bookman’s on a whim. I had no idea about the title. Nobody had recommended it to me. I was familiar with the author, but not enough to make a snap judgement. All in all you could say I was taking a risk.

Here’s a quick run down. Start with a midnight jogger who’s also a lawyer. She witnesses this horrific murder while jogging one night. Turns out to be a gargoyle she saw. The same gargoyle who has been stalking said lawyer unbeknownst to her, is now trying to convince her of his innocence.

Okay, you got me. I was most likely drawn to the gargoyle angle. As a kid I absolutely loved the cartoon Gargoyles and couldn’t understand why there wasn’t more of that kind of stuff on T.V. or in books. I’m not up on the current mythology around gargoyles or if this idea is original, but I’m willing to go along for the ride. (Quick aside: While researching links for this article, I found the Disney is streaming Gargoyles on their YouTube channel. Time to introduce my son to Goliath, Bronx, Hudson and the rest.)

GargoylesI’m less than a hundred pages into the story. So I can’t in good faith give an honest opinion yet. I haven’t yet deciphered whether the plot is going to hinge on a romance or a murder case. It’s even possible to for it to revolve around something that hasn’t even happened yet.

What I can do is give you my thoughts on Urban Fantasy and Paranormal Romance. There’s this fuzzy gray line that separates the two subgenres. They both contain the same elements of magic in a modern-day setting, but their focus is different. One’s focus is on adventure, thrill, or even horror. While the other revolves around the romance(s). Personally, I like a little romance in my action-thriller, and not the other way around. Not that it’s bad (it can be), but it’s just not my bag, baby. (Although cheese comedies are.)

There’s my quick two cents. Ante up and throw your two cents in on the matter. Or share what you’re currently reading. If it sounds interesting, I might be forced to pick it up. You can never have too much to read.