Summer “fun”

I confess, I’m at The End, and Resistance is grinding her cleats in my face.

not sure who this mudrunner is, but yup pretty much

not sure who this mudrunner is, but yup pretty much

Every day I sit down for a stolen hour and eek out another paragraph of an enormous scene with over half a dozen characters to track. The blocking is a nightmare. There is so much to visualize and describe without bogging down the speech and action. And it’s the finale, so everyone needs to get their licks in. Did I mention the blocking is a nightmare? So many different characters, all with different loyalties, different conflicts, different desires. I’ve been crawling towards the end of this scene with dirt on my face and mud in my teeth. Every day I crawl — and seem to come no closer. It’s an illusion. A heat mirage.

Beyond that, I’m still deathly sleep deprived by the baby. My five-year-old is out of preschool for the summer and has a hard time understanding that I need time to myself to work (right now he’s cheerfully screaming at Diego and I’m praying he doesn’t wake up his sister). Overall it’s been …challenging.

But one day the scene will be finished. Summer will end and school will start. My baby will grow into a little girl. I keep writing, crawling as fast as I can, fighting to keep in step with time so that I won’t wake up one day and realize I’ve been left behind.