What You Can and Cannot Control

The writing life is a lot like regular life. There are ups and downs. Things you can control and things you can’t.

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert LandscapeFor the most part, you can control when you write, as well as what you write. You can’t, however, control how your work is received, or if it’s received at all.

You can also, for the most part, control who you surround yourself with, and how you interact with them.

When you can’t control who’s around you or who you work with, it’s important to remember you’re on the same team. When you’re working with an editor or a designer or a blogger or your boss, it’s good to remind yourself that you’re all moving toward the same goal. Even if you employ different tactics and methods for getting there. Even if you don’t have the same tastes or your personalities clash.

Be professional.

Ask yourself who you want to be, and how you want to be known. 

Be someone people want to work with. 

Those are all things you can control. And a little control goes a long way.

This is just something I’m learning on my journey toward publication. I thought I’d pass it along.