Sharing Ideas Before They’re Done

I might be superstitious.

Actually, I know I am. Just not in the usual way.

I’m superstitious about clothes. If bad things happen when I wear a certain shirt, I get paranoid about wearing that shirt. Likewise, if good things happen, guess what becomes my go-to wardrobe pick?

What I’m really superstitious about, though, is my ideas. I don’t like talking about what I’m working on, or what I’m even thinking about working on, until it’s written.

It’s like my own version of Fight Club. What’s the first rule of having ideas? Don’t talk about your ideas.

I’m afraid if I talk about them, I’m not going to want to write them. Somewhere along the way I convinced myself that if I tell the story verbally before I write it out, I’ll kill the urge to write it at all.

So I don’t talk about my ideas.

The other night I was at dinner with some author friends and there was a big discussion about what we’re all working on. I didn’t say much. Because I’m paranoid.

I know logically that if I really want to write a story, I’ll write it, even if I’ve talked about it. But I just can’t shake this superstitious need to keep my yap shut.

So my question for you is: do you freely share your ideas, or do you keep them under wraps until you can share them in writing?