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The Wizard Made Me Do It


I’m going to do something a bit different for my book review. I’m going to tell you about a book that I’m not done reading. (Truthfully, if you’ve read my other blog, you… Continue reading

The Steel Remains


I admit it; despite being a fan of the new fantasy-noir subgenre, I avoided reading Richard K. Morgan’s The Steel Remains for a long time. I avoided it because I’d read reviews mentioning… Continue reading

From the Stacks: The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane


I love when a book makes me cry.

My daughter loves it, too. She has a strange fascination with me crying. She asks me to read her books she knows will get me verklempt. She listens, ears perked for the first crack in my voice. Watches for the first tear to form, the subtle downturn of my mouth.

You can imagine her joy, then, when we learned the next book for our mommy-daughter book club was The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo.

From the Stacks: A Dirty Job


One of the hardest genres to write in has to be comedy. Humor is so subjective, it tends to be more miss than hit. Now throw out sarcasm, which doesn’t come across in… Continue reading

Book Review: N.K. Jemisin’s The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms


From the Stacks is a recurring feature at PLC where we review books from our nightstand stacks- because whether published two years ago or twenty, a good book is a good book. The… Continue reading

Save Your Plot!


Switching up the lineup today to accommodate this week’s guest author’s schedule. Be sure to check back tomorrow for our interview with Anjali Banerjee, author of Haunting Jasmine. I recently read a blog… Continue reading

“Weeping Underwater Looks a Lot Like Laughter”: Strange Title, Promising Debut


By: Sleep Sunshine Michael J. White’s first novel begins, “On our debut night in Des Moines, Nicholas Parsons murdered a high school senior in the hotel room directly beneath us.  The following morning… Continue reading

Digging Deep in the Stacks


By S. C. Green [tweetmeme] I thought I’d see how far back I could reach for my selection, and circa 1898 is what I came up with. I’m not going to lie to… Continue reading

The Book That Makes Me Cry


Almost every night when I ask my daughter what book we’re reading before bedtime, she says, “The one.”

“Which one?”

“You know. The one that makes you cry.”

Book Review: Phoenix Noir


Yet another new feature here at PLC- From The Stacks, a review series focusing on small press, midlist, indie, and out-of-print books. My first offering from the stacks is… Phoenix Noir is one… Continue reading

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