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How to get story ideas and learn new writing tricks faster


Hi, my name is Amy McLane, and I write epic fantasy. Here is a sampling of the books I’ve read in the past month or so, in reverse chronological order (and yes, this… Continue reading

The Wizard Made Me Do It


I’m going to do something a bit different for my book review. I’m going to tell you about a book that I’m not done reading. (Truthfully, if you’ve read my other blog, you… Continue reading

Wordplay, Rebellion and Diversity


I am inspired by many authors. And I learn something from every book I read. So narrowing down a list to three authors for this week’s topic has been difficult to say the… Continue reading

Three Points of Inspiration


I have to stop and ponder three things that motivate my writing. It’s like digging past the fuel and fire of prose to that first pin-prick of a blue idea spark. Might as… Continue reading

Trusting the Process and Yourself


By: Sleep Sunshine For those of you who do not know, this summer I am performing a complete rewrite on my upcoming novel The Rainbow Child.  At the end of last summer I… Continue reading

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