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Summer “fun”


I confess, I’m at The End, and Resistance is grinding her cleats in my face. Every day I sit down for a stolen hour and eek out another paragraph of an enormous scene… Continue reading

The dark voice


I’m making this confession quick because I’m on my own this week with my kids and free time is rarer than hen’s teeth. But this month, I confess I let myself be bamboozled… Continue reading

Do The Work


I’ve just written a list of things I need to get done. Things hanging over my head like a piano dangling from a flimsy cord and I’m standing on a big, red X.… Continue reading

Start. Finish. Ship.


This post is late. I blame our new puppy. If you read my personal blog, you’ll know what a big deal getting a new dog is for our family. Instead of writing this… Continue reading

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