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The Red Pen of Doom


by Ari Marmell I can’t help noticing that an awful lot of these guest blogs are focused, in whole or in part, on the process of getting published. Finding an agent. Using an… Continue reading

Self-publishing: Kiss of Death, or Wave of the Future?


I’m nursing a half-baked idea, about e-publishing, something I’ve always looked down on (and when I say e-pub, I mean specifically self-publishing online for money, I’m not talking about selling to online magazines… Continue reading

Digital Books: Seismic Shift or Fad?


by Jon Lewis Thanks to eReaders like the iPad, Kindle and Nook, the distribution and consumption of digital books is exploding, and it’s causing a ripple effect throughout the publishing industry. But what… Continue reading

You Mean I Have To Sell T-Shirts?: Richard Nash, The Candide of Publishing, and the Glorious Future Ahead


By: Michael James Greenwald Welcome to the Sunday confession on PLC, People! This week, we’re talking about self-publishing. YIKES! I know. To be honest, I know very little about the industry of publishing.… Continue reading

There’s Editing…And Then There’s Editing


By Amy K. Nichols This week at The Parking Lot Confessional we’re taking on that hot potato topic. You know the one. Self-publishing. (Dun-dun-Duhhhhhhhhhn) Like the rest of you, I’ve been trying to… Continue reading

The problem with P.O.D.


The problem with P.O.D. is that nobody reads it. Way harsh, Tai. Yes, way. But as an omnivorous reader I have never had anyone recommend a P.O.D. title to me that wasn’t their… Continue reading

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