In which big things are built

It’s Confession week, so all of us PLCers are checking in to talk about what we’ve done, where we’re at now, and where we want to go next.

Last Confession I said I wanted to have my revisions finished. Well September isn’t over yet, so technically I’m still on schedule. In reality I’m about half a week behind where I’d like to be. I can look at the calendar for the month and pinpoint exactly where that happened. It turns out that if I go more than a day without touching my work, it takes me an additional more-than-a-day to get back on track with it- because I have to deal with feelings of disconnect, intimidation, and guilt (yes, I’m a headcase). That adds up quickly.

I always try to respect the deadlines I set myself- because blowing them off is ultimately detrimental to my sense of worth as a writer. You have to take your time seriously, or no one else is going to.

So I have until Thursday to finish my revisions and draft up query packages. For my first round I’m only querying agents who work via email, and this is why:

This is my new house, as it looked this morning. It’ll be ready to move into in early November. Which means I have October to pack up all our earthly possessions. It also means I’m not querying any snail-mail agents until after we’ve settled- I’ve learned the hard way about the perils of trusting to the USPS’s forwarding services. (No offense snail-mail agents, and no offense USPS.)

So my goals this month are short and sweet:

1. Finish the revision
2. Start the query process
3. And do not let the madness of moving stop me from writing daily.