Free Gifts To Give Your Writer This Christmas

Black Friday’s history. Cyber Monday’s deals ended last night at midnight. You’re broke. Spent all your dosh on custom-designed Snuggies for everyone in your extended family. 40% off was too good a deal to pass. And Great-Granny Myrtle’s such a huge Bieber fan.

But…look. Over there. To the corner where your writer slaves away, fingers tapping away at the keyboard, head full of voices and heart full of dreams.

What can you get your writer (whether brother, sister, mother, father, lover, partner, friend) for Christmas when you’ve got little to no money?

1. Time

Not the magazine, though he/she might appreciate that as well. No, what every writer needs is time. Time to write, to stare out the window, to doodle and daydream. Give your writer uninterrupted time and he or she just might break out in tears of joy. Seriously. It’s that big a deal.

2. Eyes

I don’t mean eyes in, say, a bucket or the egg drawer of the fridge. I mean reading his or her work. Writers may be bold on the page, but often, they’re quite timid when it comes to having others read what’s written there. Having a first reader he or she can trust is HUGE. For many writers, it’s the first step to sending out work into the world. Even if you don’t like what you read, the mere fact you’ve read it will be massive to your writer. Massive.

3. Encouragement

Even though it’s free, this one’s got the most bang for its buck. Writing can be a lonely, disheartening and weary journey. Lots of time working in solitude, carrying on in the face of rejection. Many writers find themselves asking if this gig is worth it. What every writer needs now and again is a booster shot of encouragement. A kind word or nod to help him or her keep going. A simple acknowledgement that you see his or her effort. A little validation goes a long, long way.

Try these gifts out this Christmas. Give your writer your time, your eyes and your encouragement, and watch what happens. Listen to the frenzied typing from the corner crescendo. These gifts will swell your writer’s heart and set a fire under his or her seat. You could even end up with your name in a book dedication. And that’s better than a Snuggie any day. Even with Bieber on it.