I’m Open

Most years I have one or two books I’m absolutely can’t wait to get my hands on. A book that’s makes me retire early to bed just so I can get a few extra minutes flipping pages under my dim book light. Alas dear reader, this year is different.

There’s nothing on the “To Be Released Must Read” list this year. For one, my go-to author has not announced a book release this year (yet, I hope). And two, nothing has really caught my eye in the past year to make me mark my calendar.

I need to clarify that I’m still excited about books. I always have at least one on my bedside table and another cued up on my iPod. I’ve just found myself in a unique situation where the things I am currently reading either don’t have a follow-up book or I’m so far into the author’s backlog of novels, that I’ll have quite a while before I need to start vying for new content from them. So  I am excited about certain books to read this year. They just don’t happen to be waiting for release.

As for my go-to author, Jim Butcher. It’s been eleven years now that he’s published at least one new novel each year in his Dresden Files series. Two in 2010 if you include his collection of short stories in the same world. For a number of those years, he’s also produced a second or third novel. So it comes with a little disappointment that there is no official release date for his next novel. Although according to Wikipedia and his Livejournal blog (define stalking), the title of book fourteen in the Dresden Files is Cold Days. There’s also talk of a steampunk book he’s working on. I will say, however, if the man publishes a book, I’ll buy. Hardback. The week it’s released. No man-crush jokes.

So with the exception of a possible late release date from my go-to author, the rest of my reading time is open. Speaking of open, I’m open to suggestions. If you have any, please leave them in the comments below.