500 Club (5/13/2010)

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means…

The 500 Club!

This week Sleep Sunshine is leading y’all, and if you’re a regge to our confessional (you bad bad creative-type, you) then you know I can’t possible follow directions or do absolutely anything how I’m supposed to, which annoys everyone, including myself, most of the time.

So, below are my twist on the writing prompts. Choose one, and write 500 words based on the prompt (“wait, there are rules here?”…triple bonus if you can name that movie). Don’t get worried about editing and fussing with what you write. Just blast through 500 words and post it…then move onto your work, Lady.

Post your 500 words on your blog. Then post the first couple of sentences in the comments here and a link to the rest of your story.

You write! You mooch off our blog traffic! What’s not to love?

Ready for the prompts? Here they are:



2. Music Video Link