500 Club (9/23)

Hello everyone, and welcome to another 500 Club Thursday!

If you’re new to the Club, here’s how to play:

1. Choose one of the two prompts below.
2. Write 500 words.
3. Post your resultant flash fiction on your blog.
4. Paste the first line or two in the comments here, along with a link back to your blog, so we can visit your space and read your work. (If you don’t have a blog, use our handy-dandy utility box over there in the right column to paste your 500 words and send them to us.)

Today’s prompts:

ONE: The bag of groceries smashed on the ground between them.

TWO: [CHARACTER NAME] climbed the [NOUN], as far as (s)he could go.

…Okay, so that second one is a little mad-libsy, but I didn’t want to limit anyone’s imagination by being too specific. Now go write, have fun, and we’ll all meet up in the comments.