500 Club (9/2)

Hey everybody, it’s 500 Club time. This week’s prompts are inspired by POV. After all, one of the biggest influences on any story is who is telling it.

How to play along? All you have to do is choose a prompt, Write 500 words and post them to your blog, then come back here and past your opener in the comments, linking back to your blog so that we can follow back to read the rest of your story. OR If you don’t have a blog and still want to play, use the widget in the right side column to paste your 500 words and send it to us.

The main thing to remember though, is to have fun. 500 Club is for getting limber, getting the juices flowing. It’s about the attempt, not success or failure.

And now, the prompts.

Write a story about man vs. his environment. The environment could be anything from a hostile alien world to a savage inner city. Switch between the human point of view, and the environment, or make the environment the protagonist and write entirely from its point of view.


Write a story from a hit-man’s point of view. Is he/she on a personal vendetta, or a killer for hire? How did he/she get to this point in his/her life?