Pay Attention, There’s a Test AND Homework

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This last month might have had me biting off more than I could chew. I was in much need of a creative kick in the pants, and a bit of outside motivation. So I went an enrolled myself into a creative writing class. Actually I was on the fence about it, but The Amys added their own brand of creative kicking and got me in the class.

The instructor I’m quite familiar with. Jim Sallis has taught the majority of the classes I’ve taken. His editing genius had me seeking him out whenever I could. With the exception of a few familiar faces, the class is filled with new writers looking to hone their craft, newbies forging their first novel and old timers enjoying the creative atmosphere. Personally, I feel like a Frankenstein monster conglomerate of the three.

Ideally I wanted that aforementioned outside motivation. Since I’ve last taken the course, Jim has slightly restructured the class, and now I have homework I’m responsible for.


I have enough trouble getting my 8-year-old to do his homework. Where am I going to find the time to do my own? Oh, well.

On top of this, I’ve decided to test out some new writing software in August. I’ve got a review of my experience with Liquid Story Binder XE up at my other site, so I won’t clog it up here with it. As beneficial as I find LSBXE, it ate up more than a week learning it, and transferring files to be able to use it.

Not the best use of my time, I know.

Now looking forward this month. In my last confession I had wanted to be done with my revision by the end of this month. I don’t think that’ll be realistic. My original intent was to take the holiday weekend to barricade myself in my writing cave, cutting a small hole in the door so food could be slid in. The way fortune shone on me (by completely missing me, and cascading my wife in its golden glow), I’m left to take care of the kids while my lovely wife gets a free plane ticket to Texas to visit with her sister.

By no means am I bitter. I would jump on a similar opportunity if presented to me. For now I will continue to staunch the creative output and put a stranglehold on whatever free time I can manage.

So I will be happy to stay on top of my homework assignments (that H word really leaves a bad taste in my mouth), and red-ink my way through half of my novel.

On a brighter note. Make sure you check back with the Parking Lot next week. We’re handing out VIP parking to some fantastic guest authors. Sam Sykes is our first guest this Tuesday. His novel, Tome of the Undergates, is due in bookstores September 17th.