3 Things to Toast from 2010

This week we’re reflecting on 2010 and how it impacted us as writers.

You know how when you’re playing Batman on Wii, and you step into the green goo, you lose all of your coins? Forgive me, but that’s how I feel, writing this post. Recent events have given me a kind of amnesia about anything prior to December 1st. Still, despite the goo, I’m able to think of three things that impacted me as a writer in 2010. Here they are.

1. Books

I love books. Big surprise there. Some of the books I read this year that impacted me as a writer include…

(There are a bunch more…and a few I’m reading right now…that are also awesome and I will write more about them another time…)

In 2011, I plan on reading a lot more, and a lot more outside of what I write. Reading outside the lines helps me become a better writer.

2. Liminal

I launched a literary journal for teens in September of this year. I’m working on getting the second issue ready for publication. It’s been an interesting endeavor, to say the least, and a lot more work than I expected. I have a new respect for editors and those making the decisions of what to publish and what to reject. Rejecting someone’s work is hard. Trust me. It’s kind of cool to have perspective from both sides: writer and editor. Most all, though, I have a new respect for submission guidelines.

Always read and abide by the submissions guidelines!

And please read Liminal. And tell your teenage writer friends to submit their work. Thanks.

3. My Writer Peeps

Where would I be without my writing community? This year has been a bit of a roller coaster, and my writer friends have been there to throw their hands up and scream with me.

Dear Writer Friends Whom I Love: Thank you for being the awesome friends you are. I am blessed that you are part of my life. ♥

So, here’s to 2010. *raises glass* And in 2011, may we all find lots of coins and not step in any green goo.