500 Club (2/4/11)

Belated happy Thursday! Lots of technical difficulties at the PLC this week, but let’s ignore that and get straight into the prompts, shall we?

Da Rules!

  1. Chose a prompt and write 500 words, or combine both prompts for an extra challenge.
  2. Publish it on your blog. No blog? Enter the text into our sidebar widget, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  3. Post the first line or two, the hook if you will, in the comments, along with a URL link to the full text, so we can read and enjoy your work.

Da Prompts! (Today’s prompts are sponsored by my 9th grade Prentice Hall textbook)

Prompt One: The Lady or the Tiger.Your character is at odds over a decision with someone important in their life (spouse, boss, parent, etc.). What is the argument about? Does your character decide to agree with their s.o., compromising their morality, or does your character go his/her own way and risk losing that relationship?

Prompt Two: The Most Dangerous Game. Write about a man-hunt, a death race. Stakes could not be any higher, could they? What will your characters be willing to do to survive? How did they get into this terrible mess?