Filling the Well with Podling Essence

The last month has kept me busy. I would like to say it was busy with finished drafts and submissions, but that would be a stretch. It’s more like taking care of the things that needed to be done (i.e. taking care of sick children, full day job, professional family taxi), leaving my late evenings too tired to mash a key on the keyboard.

But I like to take a positive spin on things whenever I can. And in that light, I don’t think of this last month as a waste. It was a hording opportunity. A hording of thoughts and ideas. I committed to memory benign details that could pop up later in writing. Like the two nurses sitting chatting on office politics while three patients await assistance. How their nails clicked on the keys and their eyes locked with the screen like a Podling being drained of its essence, making unclear if she was speaking to me or her co-worker.

All of these thoughts and ideas are being thrown into the creative well. I doubt it shall ever run dry, but at the moment it’s close to overflowing. I intend to get some of them on paper in the coming month. What’s the use of having a creative well if you can’t show it off once in a while?

In the coming month, I have one short story that needs a spit shine. I’d like to send it out so I don’t lag too far behind on our submission contest.

As for everything else, I’m taking it one word at a time. Eventually they’ll add up.