3 Things …This Fantasy nerd is anticipating this year

I’m lucky, in that two of the things I’ve been looking forward to most this year are about to start.  The third, well, the third is not a thing so much as a process.

1. A Game of Thrones on HBO

Guuuuurrrrl I have been watching every tidbitty trailer HBO posts while breathing into a paper bag. I. CANNOT. WAIT. And no, I could not post that picture any smaller. I mean technically I am able to, but no. Sorry. GIANT NED STARK FOR ALL! Winter is coming! (April 17th, to be exact).

(If you like reading fantasy or are at least willing to try it, and don’t know what I’m jibberjabbering about, do yourself a favor (or disservice, if you hate things that will turn you into a foaming fanboy) and pick up the first book and a 12 pack of 5 Hour Energy (I can’t believe that actually exists). You’ll be glad (sorry?) you did.)

2. The Wise Man’s Fear

I enjoyed Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind much more than I thought I would- I’ve been stung more than a few times by overly positive reviews of a popular fantasy novel. But Rothfuss blew my mind- I even wrote about it here at the PLC . (How The Name of The Wind Took Away My Guts and How a Blog Post Put them Back). So I am beyond stoked for this sequel to drop, and it will, on March 1st.

3. Working through my resolutions

This year I decided that instead of making one Giant Resolution and failing horribly at it, I would make a plethora of smaller resolutions and attack them in baby steps. And I know it’s only the middle of February, but I really do feel like a different person already. I think the keys for me are accountability and forgiveness – I get into the strategy of my grand plan more specifically over here, if you’re interested. After all, you don’t need the change of a calendar year to decide to make a change in yourself.