Anticipation for the Summer

It’s well into the new year and I’m already eagerly awaiting summer. That’s when 3 Things I’m looking forward to are happening. Let me fill you in.

  1. The Phoenix Comicon – This Memorial Day Weekend the Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency play host for a gathering of Geeks. I proudly count myself among them. A long list of authors that includes the likes of Robert J. Sawyer, James A. Owen, and Max Brooks is enough to get me to show. Then they throw in other appearances such as Leonard Nemoy, Adam Baldwin and Stan Lee. How can I NOT go?
  2. Vegas Vacation – To celebrate my wife’s 30th birthday along with two of her closest friends and their husbands, we planned a five day trip to Sin City free from kids and any other moral obligation. The end of June will not come fast enough.
  3. Ghost Story – Jim Butcher’s latest Dresden Files novel was pushed back from April to July. His explanation was that he wanted to give his fans the story they deserve, not the one we would’ve gotten had the book been forced to be released at its originally scheduled date. I’m okay with that. I would rather the book live up to the rest of the series rather than a so-so book that might not leave me psyched for the next one. It should come to no surprise that I’ve already pre-ordered my copy.