500 Club (2/24/11)

Hello Thursday!

Are you ready for another dose of prompts to get the creative juices flowing? So let’s get to it, but first the rules.

  1. Write 500 words based on one of today’s prompts.
  2. Post them to your blog.
  3. Copy the first few lines in the comments below along with the URL to the full text.

Yes, it’s that easy. Now on to the prompts to see what you can do!


1. Life could be mean. In one hand he held a swath of red silk. The other, a stuffed envelope. Neither choice was good…

2. Writing Challenge: Bad Writing Here’s your chance to cut loose. Books and critiques have hammered into us all the things we need to ditch for our writing to be good. I say rules were meant to be broken.  Go wild for 500 words and write as bad as you can. No cliché is too clichéd. That verb need an adverb? Give it three. The goal? To have fun and remember why you write.