500 Club (3/24)

It’s Thursday! Ready for another round of the 500 Club?

Quickly, though, a reminder of how it works:

  1. Select one of the two prompts below.
  2. Write a 500 word response to the prompt.
  3. Post your work on your blog.
  4. Put a teaser sentence in the comments below with a link to where we can read the rest of the story.

Or, if you don’t have a blog, paste your 500 words into our brilliant little widgetybob over there in the right margin.

Could it be any more simple?!

Now for today’s prompts:

1. Write a scene involving a game gone wrong.


2. Write an ordinary, everyday scene between two people and laden it with a sense of foreboding or suspense, not through what the characters say, but through their observations of and interactions with the setting.

(Or if you’re up for an extra challenge, combine the prompts.)

Ready? Set? WRITE!